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Stablecoins: Is Control the Answer to Crypto Volatility?

Cryptocurrency is notorious for its volatility, but what if there were a way to remove this constant problem? While a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is fungible, portable, durable, tradable, and valuable, it lacks a stable value. Mom and pop stores and large firms alike have been wary of accepting Bitcoin payments because price fluctuations aren’t a gamble they want to factor into running day to day business. Some say stablecoins are the solution …
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What Makes The UberPay Wallet Solution So Popular?

Over the past few weeks, there has been quite a lot of attention on the UberPay wallet solution, which offers support for digital types of digital currency. Offering such functionality without security compromises is of the utmost importance, and so far, the digital currency community seems to be enjoying UberPay quite a lot. However, there is no multisig support yet, and 2FA is not possible. So what is it that …
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