The Only Exchange “Trading” OneCoin Does Not Even Allow Signups

OneCoin is one of the biggest cryptocurrency-related scams ever to gain traction. Despite the obvious flaws in this MLM-based proposal, a lot of investors continue to flock to OneCoin in the hopes of striking it rich. No one, however, has wondered why there is no exchange for OneCoin, other than XCoinX. Unfortunately, it is not even possible to register an account on that platform.

The Mysterious XcoinX Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges are plentiful all over the world. Most of these platforms only serve a local market and have not gained much mainstream attention. On the surface, XcoinX could fall into this category, even though users can’t even register an account, for some unknown reason. But that is not what makes this platform one of the oddest exchanges in the world today.

Instead, XcoinX claims to be the only cryptocurrency exchange offering a OneCoin trading market. To some people, this may seem strange, as OneCoin is a global currency that is seemingly as popular as Bitcoin these days. What a lot of people fail to realize is how it is virtually impossible to exchange OneCoin through any platform, as the “currency” does not exist.

Many scams plague the cryptocurrency ecosystem, ranging from doubler programs to HYIPs and other Ponzis. But the real threat is the MLM-based offerings, which, despite being legal on paper, offer hardly anything viable. OneCoin certainly falls into that latter category, as their entire project is nothing more than vaporware.

Despite the lack of any mainstream traction whatsoever, OneCoin continues to attract investors from all over the world. Some people have even sunk their whole life savings into this obvious scam, as an attempt to strike it rich. For most investors, that will never be possible, unless they actively recruit dozens of people who buy into this scam.

So far, that business strategy seems to work just fine, as there is no shortage of OneCoin shills. Some investors even go as far as claiming how this project is ‘more real” than Bitcoin ever will be, even though nothing could be further from the truth. With no exchanges and no support to spend OneCoin on anything outside of their ecosystem, there is no value to this “currency” by any means.

Platforms such as XcoinX succeed in keeping up appearances for OneCoin. It is rather easy to see through these tricks, though, as they can’t even get their system working so that users can create an account. This is another fine example of OneCoin being a true vaporware and why no one should invest any money into this “program”.

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