Dr Ruja Flees Sinking Ship As Regulators Crack Down on OneCoin

It looks like OneCoin CEO Dr. Ruja is feeling the heat from law enforcement and regulators. Earlier today, she announced she steps down as the CEO of OneCoin, and wants to focus her full attention on the “new blockchain” they are developing. A new CEO has already been appointed, although all signs point towards the demise of this massive Ponzi Scheme.

The End is Nigh For OneCoin And Its Sheeple

For the longest time, Dr. Ruja has been the face of OneCoin. She has held various speeches and presentations on why this Ponzi Scheme is better than Bitcoin. Unfortunately, thousands of people fall for these empty promises, and it looks like there is no stopping the OneCoin train.

But that situation may come to change soon, as Dr. Ruja is no longer the OneCoin CEO. Effectively immediately, she has stepped down from her position of power to focus on “developing the OneCoin blockchain.” Everyone knows the team has no blockchain, and she is just doing this to cover her own behind.

Less than 48 hours ago, all OneCoin members saw their balances doubled. To this day, it remains doubtful anyone managed to withdraw those funds, as the Ponzi Scheme will run out of cash sooner rather than later. Since there is still no proof of OneCoin even making money in some capacity – other than by scamming investors – the end may be near.

The New OneCoin CEO Pablo Munoz, who is now at the helm of this massive Ponzi Scheme,  will find himself in a pickle very soon. Placing Munoz in charge was a logical choice, considering he was the VP at other MLM schemes throughout his career. He even worked for both Avon and Tupperware in the past, both of which are legitimate companies.

Unfortunately for Mr. Munoz, OneCoin is being scrutinized by law enforcement and regulators. Officials will crack down on this Ponzi Scheme shortly, and it will spell all kinds of disaster for those who are in control of this program – particularly the CEO.

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