The Eight Blockchain Startups At Nexus Squared Demo Day – Part II

Among the startups who presented earlier this week during the Nexus Squared Pitchathon are groups who focus on Bitcoin as well. Even though the technology behind Bitcoin has a seemingly better chance of gaining mainstream traction, the global appeal of this cryptocurrency should not be overlooked. Let’s see what the five remaining startups were pitching to the panel.

Zeptagram, Zlick, Mamoru, WONE, and

Five more blockchain startups to take a look at, starting with Zeptagram. This Swedish startup wants to make it easier for composers, holders of intellectual music, and publishers to create value. Zeptagram is a trading platform, and can best be described as a blockchain-based stock exchange for music intellectual properties.

Zlick, on the other hand, is doing something entirely different. The Estonian startup focuses on zero-click micropayments for online publishers. Selling individual posts and articles, for example, can be done without friction. While the solution is blockchain-based, all charges are added to a customer’s mobile bill at the end of the month. Adding Bitcoin may be a better option in this regard.

Germany’s Mamoru sees the real value of blockchain technology and proof-of-ownership. The team created an application and an identification kit, which lets users register their worldly possessions on the blockchain. Moreover, this is also an anti-theft solution, as the blockchain-based solution facilitates returning items to their rightful owner.

Finland was represented during the Pitchathon as well. Wone is a bit of odd one in this list, as their focus is on interoperable, peer-to-peer mobile payment solutions across Europe. However, by using the blockchain in some undisclosed way, they allow users to send funds to anyone else in Europe, even if they do not use the same wallet application as the sender.

Last but not least, we have from Switzerland. Connecting small and medium enterprises to clients through instant messaging is an opportunity well exploring. This solution incorporates document transfers, and everything is secured using end-to-end encryption. Blockchain-based digital certified letters, together with real-time document tracking and automatic cloud storage, make this startup one to keep an eye on.

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