BlockDAG’s Exciting New Crypto Payment Options | Predictions on Ethereum’s Value | XRP Whales Activity

BlockDAG Broadens Its Crypto Offerings with 10 New Deposit Options, Overshadows Ethereum’s Price Forecast, & XRP Whales’ Activities

Recent actions by major XRP holders, involving the transfer of 75 million XRP tokens, have ignited extensive speculation among investors. At the same time, Ethereum is predicted to face a downturn, but it is now in a short-term upward trend, suggesting a possible continued decrease in price.

BlockDAG has introduced ten innovative payment options, increasing investor engagement and raising the platform’s visibility. This move not only enhances user accessibility but also underscores BlockDAG’s commitment to continuous innovation, with its presale now topping $23.6 million.

Ethereum’s Price Outlook: Challenges at Resistance Levels and Possible Paths to Recovery

Ethereum’s current price analysis shows it struggles to surpass the pivotal resistance at $3,250, a struggle mirrored by Bitcoin. After dipping below $3,200 and momentarily falling to $3,113, Ethereum experienced a slight recovery. Despite climbing above $3,200, resistance around $3,240 and $3,250 halted further gains. Presently, Ethereum is under the $3,200 mark and the 100-hourly Simple Moving Average. 

It is forming a rising channel with support near $3,170. Resistance is firm at nearly $3,200, and the 100-hourly SMA has significant obstacles at $3,240 and $3,300. Overcoming these could propel Ethereum’s price to between $3,350 and $3,450. However, failing to breach the $3,250 mark could lead to further decreases towards $3,170 or even lower to $2,880.

Market Buzz as XRP Whales Move Funds Amid Ripple’s SEC Dispute

The crypto community is keenly watching XRP after it recorded a 7% fall last week and 18% over the month, now slightly recovering to trade at $0.513 with a 2.32% increase. This follows significant transactions totaling 75 million XRP by prominent whales, leading to various speculations.

These developments occur as Ripple Labs continues to fight a critical legal battle with the SEC, which is expected to affect XRP’s future significantly. The current market sentiment is bearish, with XRP testing vital support levels, indicating potential future trends based on the outcome of the legal proceedings.

BlockDAG’s Swift Growth: New Payment Methods and Live Updates Boost Progress

Priced at $0.006 during its 10th batch, BlockDAG has made substantial strides in the crypto market, boasting over $23.6 million in sales from more than 8.5 billion coins. From batches 1 – 45, early investors would witness a 50% increase in value per batch, with a projected listing price of $0.05 representing an incredible 5000% increase from its initial price.

BlockDAG is enhancing its appeal by adding 10 new payment methods, including well-known cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu, Polygon, and Bitcoin. This expansion not only boosts accessibility but also strategically positions BlockDAG in the crypto world, emphasizing the platform’s dedication to inclusivity and ongoing growth.

Additionally, the BDAG website recently launched a ‘Dev Releases’ page, keeping the community updated with the latest developments and news from the BlockDAG network. This feature aims to bolster community engagement by providing detailed insights into the ongoing development of cryptocurrency’s future, allowing community members to observe progress in real time.


With Ethereum’s price potentially on the rise and the dynamic activities of XRP whales, the crypto community is buzzing. Including 10 new currencies, including Shiba Inu, Polygon, and Bitcoin, into BlockDAG’s payment options marks a significant milestone in its journey towards innovation and growth. 

Experts anticipate that BlockDAG’s daily inflows could jump to $5 million from the current $1 million, showcasing a promising potential for a 30,000x ROI. BlockDAG continues to establish itself as one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in the market.

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