The Bitrent Platform Will Transfer Construction to Smart Contracts

As part of the final blockade summit in Macau, Bitrent announced the successful completion of the presale and its plans for the release of the token to key crypto-exchanges. In the near future, the platform will be the first construction site of 100 thousand square meters, where they will use RFID sensors and smart contracts.

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Bitrent creates the world’s first block-based platform, which allows anyone to become the owner of real estate in any part of the world. Users can invest in construction at any stage and in real time monitor the stages of work and manage processes. An investment in real estate can be of any amount, starting with 500 dollars.

Bitrent  makes the process of investing in equity for commercial and residential real estate understandable, transparent and predictable for the average user anywhere in the world with the help of smart contracts.

The global volume of the construction market is 10-15 trillion dollars a year. Construction is a multiplier of 30 percent of the world economy and the engine of a large amount of money supply in the world. The crypto industry is estimated at 600-700 billion dollars. If we send these funds to construction, the world of real estate can become simpler, more accessible and more technological.

BitRent allows investors to participate in shared construction at any stage and anywhere in the world. One of the most important aspects of the platform is keeping records in the system of blockades. “We are at the stage of searching for and applying the best option of the block system that will function effectively and work with the minimum number of failures,” says company founder Dmitry Starovoitov.

The founders of Bitrent have 15 years of experience in the field of development. The company has built more than two million square meters of real estate, including factories, business centers and shopping areas. The last three years of Bitrent’s work are aimed at combining real estate and crypto-currencies.