Telegram Launches Telegraph Blogging Platform And Enables Instant View Feature

Most people are familiar with Telegram as a social messaging platform. The company offers end-to-end encryption to all of its users, making it one of the most secure platforms available. But Telegram is eyeing other business models as well, such as their new blogging service.Under the name Instant Telegraph, the company is venturing into the world of online publishing.

Telegraph Is A New Blogging Feature For Telegram Users

In the world of content creation, there can never be enough competition among service providers. WordPress is the clear fan favorite right now, but do not discount Wix and Joomla,either. Telegram is now getting involved in the mix through the launch of their Telegraph platform.

To be more precise, the Telegraph platform is a publishing tool designed to create rich posts. Users will have several features at their disposal, including the addition of photos and embedded videos. Moreover, these posts will benefit from Telegram’s Instant View feature, which offers blog posts without page load.

Telegram channels and groups can be set up to auto-publish content from the Telegraph platform. This same feature can also be used to link mainstream news, albeit in a limited fashion. Unfortunately, Telegraph does not offer a monetization model for now, although this feature may be added in the future.

Through Instant view, Telegram users will see a native page within the Telegram app when it is linked. Rather than opening a browser window to display content, the new feature keeps people within the Telegram ecosystem at all times. This is a nice touch, and something a lot of mobile users will enjoy over time.

It is positive to see companies such as Telegram come up with creative ways to let people share content. Particularly on mobile devices, switching between applications can be a pain in the neck. With the Instant View feature enabled by default, people can click on links without being tabbed out of the messaging app.

Although the Instant View feature is only limited to Telegraph, TechCrunch, and Medium, for now, the concept holds a lot of promise for the future. It is not unlikely that other popular messaging apps will take a similar approach in the coming months. For content creators, the Telegraph posts are also indexed by Google, although it remains to be seen how this will affect the war against “fake news”.

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