Digibot is A Powerful Telegram Bot For Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Albeit a lot of people may not see the point of alternative cryptocurrencies, Digibyte is starting to make for itself in the gaming industry as of late. The developers have also created a Telegram bot, which will help people in obtaining more information about DGB. A wallet service will be coming in a future release as well, though.

The Digibyte Telegram Bot Is Versatile

TheMerkle_Digibyte Digibot

In this day and age of convenience and having information available at our fingertips, Telegram bots hold a lot of potential. The Digibyte developers have been thinking along the same lines, as they integrated a ton of features into their Telegram bot. Although some features are tailored towards the DGB ecosystem, it is possible for users to find a lot of useful information through simple commands.

Among the options to explore are displaying the Digibyte network hashrate, finding the Poloniex prices for specific cryptocurrencies, or even looking at the order book for that particular coin. But users can also calculate the Bitcoin value of their portfolio, and see up-to-date 24-hour charts with 15-minute increments. All of these features are quite useful to novice and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

One thing to keep in mind is how the Digibyte Telegram bot – which is called DigiBot – will evolve over time. New features will be added, such as charting features, and tools for a more technical analysis as well. An alert feature will be added over time as well, warning traders about price alerts for set currencies. It is important to note most of the upcoming features were requested by Digibot users.

Tipping will be integrated at some future point as well, letting users tip each other with DGB whenever they feel like. More blockchain-based search features are also on the development roadmap. This would let users search for transactions and addresses on the Bitcoin blockchain, for example. These features are already available for the Digibyte blockchain, though.

Accessing the Digibot Telegram bot is relatively easy, as users can simply send a message on Telegram to @digubot. This chatbot will not have access to user conversations or files, and is merely a tool to make life in the cryptocurrency world a bit easier. All of the tools are completely free to use.

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