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Loopring Exchange Makes Full use of zkRollup Technology

A growing ecosystem of crypto exchanges and trading platforms is a healthy sign. Loopring has launched its own exchange, which makes full use of zkRollup technology. Another exchange has been built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. A Proper Implementation of zkRollup Rather than using the native technology at one’s disposal, the exchange makes use of Loopring technology. This project is best known for its zkRollup technology, capable of bunching …
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LoopRing’s zkRollup Continues to Demonstrate Tremendous Potential

There are always some developments in the cryptocurrency space worth paying attention to. LoopRing’s implementation of zkRollup for DEXes is certainly paying off. It is a very interesting way of scaling transactions on Ethereum. zkRollup is a Powerful Tool The main benefit of zkRollup is how transactions can be bunched together, instead of being handled individually. Several DEXes could benefit from implementing this technology in the future. WeDEX is one …
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