Loopring Exchange Makes Full use of zkRollup Technology

A growing ecosystem of crypto exchanges and trading platforms is a healthy sign. Loopring has launched its own exchange, which makes full use of zkRollup technology.

Another exchange has been built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

A Proper Implementation of zkRollup

Rather than using the native technology at one’s disposal, the exchange makes use of Loopring technology.

This project is best known for its zkRollup technology, capable of bunching transactions to reduce network fees.

Keeping that in mind, it is only logical to see the trading platform make full use of this protocol as well.

Loopring Exchange is also the first public zkRollup exchange on the Ethereum mainnet.

It is very likely that more trading solutions will incorporate this protocol over time. 

Other selling points of this exchange are its non-custodial aspect and noting a very high throughput.

Loopring Exchange will also bring some much-needed competition to layer-1 DEXex currently active on Ethereum’s blockchain.

As is always the case when a new platform launches, there is still ample room for future improvements.

This includes building a better interface, enhancing transparency, and building further technical improvements. 

All in all, this new service is a more than welcome addition, as it highlights the viability of non-custodial trading solutions.