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Top 4 Reasons to be Excited About Scaling Blockchains With ZK-STARKs

Scaling existing blockchain solution remains an ongoing challenge for nearly all projects. In the case of virtually all major cryptocurrencies, a few interesting proposals have been submitted over the past few months. StarkDEX is a project which utilizes a slightly different solution known as ZK-STARKs. This has nothing to do with the major House in Game of Thrones, although it may end up saving some projects which are running atop …
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MIT Review Acclaims zk-SNARKs, but zk-STARKs May Steal the Show

As much as we love the convenience of the internet, our privacy is at great risk whenever we go on social media, check our credit reports, grab a ride, or simply log into a fitness app. Our need to protect our information encompasses much more than financial transactions with a few cryptocurrencies. In the United States alone, the staggering number of data breaches shows the need for a better privacy solution, and zk-SNARKs or zk-STARKs are …
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Zk-Starks Are the Next Logical Evolution of Privacy-Centric Features for Blockchains

Most cryptocurrency users are more than familiar with the concept of zk-snarks. Although such technological tools may improve overall cryptocurrency privacy, there is a new contender on the block. zk-starks, as the concept is known, will serve as a trustless solution allowing any blockchain in the world to provide anonymity services to users. It’s an interesting concept that deserves a closer look. What is the Deal With Zk-starks? While the concept of zk-snarks …
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