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Monero Will Soon be Removed From Bithumb

Bithumb is set to become the latest Asian crypto exchange to officially remove Monero from its platform. Not due to its privacy aspects, but rather because XMR is used to buy and sell illegal pornographic material. It has been coming for some time now, but Bithumb has finalized its decision on Monero. Bithumb Gets rid of its Monero Trading Pairs Several weeks ago ,the company announced that Monero would potentially …
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Monero Reaches a Daily Transaction All-time High

Whether one likes or dislikes privacy currencies, they seem to find their niche in many different ways. For Monero, a new all-time high in daily transactions was recorded last week, further confirming the potential of this project.  There are many reasons as to why privacy-oriented crypto assets really matter.  Ongoing Transaction Growth for Monero They address a lot of flaws and shortcomings found in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.  Moreover, currencies …
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