New Monero Mining Pool can Only be Accessed Over Tor

Several cryptocurrencies take privacy and anonymity a lot more serious than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Monero, the actual anonymous cryptocurrency out there, now has a new mining pool that can only be accessed over Tor.

Achieving privacy or anonymity with Bitcoin is impossible due to the current core protocol. 

Mining Monero Over Tor

In the case of Monero, that situation is very different.

Many enthusiasts are drawn to this approach of enforcing anonymity by default, rather than making users opt in. 

Adding extra layers to the privacy-oriented approach is always interesting to keep an eye on.

Those who are currently mining XMR may want to take note of this new mining pool.

Unlike traditional offerings, it can only be accessed via a Tor connection. 

Despite running into some minor issues in the first few hours, it now seems as if RespectXMR is off to the races.

In fact, it has already entered the Monero mining pool top 10 in quick succession.

As such, it is evident that a lot of users have been waiting for a solution like this.

As the pool’s hashrate grows, it will become better at finding blocks and potentially more appealing to other miners. 

A very intriguing approach that can prove to be rather successful.