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Worldpay’s Peter Tran Remains Skeptical About Blockchain for Cybersecurity

“In the cybersecurity industry, there’s always a new shiny ‘tech toy’ or novel approach around the corner, so it’s important to not be myopic that blockchain for cybersecurity will be akin to finding the cure for the common cold. As promising as blockchain may be, the industry is far from universal adoption,” warns Peter Tran, Vice President and Head of Global Cyber Defense & Security Strategy at Worldpay. As cybersecurity …
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Study Finds Cryptocurrency Isn’t Among the World’s Payment Trends

When you’re absorbed in the bubble of the cryptocurrency world, it’s sometimes hard to remember there are plenty of people who still haven’t heard of Bitcoin, let alone Monero, Ethereum, and Ripple. While experts in the industry are busy debating the use of blockchains to expedite payments and eradicate fraud (among a myriad of other things), the majority of the world is blissfully unaware. But while you can probably cut …
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Bitcoin Can Help ChargeBee Make E-Commerce Payments Easier

There are various companies around the world working on making the e-commerce ecosystem a more convenient and streamlined place. Most of the issues in this space can be attributed to reaching a global audience, and having to deal with different payment methods requiring currency conversions. Companies like ChargeBee are removing quite a few headaches in this regard, as they offer various tools to manage online subscriptions and recurring billings. Also …
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