Bitcoin’s Wikipedia Page Has “Misleading” Block Explorer Removed, Heated Debate Ensues

In the world of Bitcoin, there have always been dastardly deeds and mischievous pranks. This time around, those efforts involve Bitcoin's…

4 years ago

Monero Wikipedia Page Is Vandalized by Unknown Entity

Wikipedia is a great platform for finding all kinds of information. The world's top cryptocurrencies all have their own Wikipedia pages…

4 years ago

China Wants to Compete With Wikipedia With Carefully Curated Content Platform

It is not entirely surprising to learn some countries do not take kindly to platforms such as Wikipedia. This is…

5 years ago

OneCoin Affiliates Temporarily Prohibited From Editing Wikipedia Entry

Albeit most people are well aware of how OneCoin is a complete scam, the movement keeps attracting new members around…

5 years ago

The Legal Status of Bitcoin in Thailand

Despite stern warnings from central banks all over the world, the adoption of Bitcoin and other digital currencies is thriving.…

6 years ago

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