OneCoin Affiliates Temporarily Prohibited From Editing Wikipedia Entry

Albeit most people are well aware of how OneCoin is a complete scam, the movement keeps attracting new members around the clock. Moreover, their Wikipedia page is attracting a lot of people looking to edit information. As a result, a Wikipedia administrator applied a 30-day protection status to block future editing attempts.

OneCoin Wants to Remove Negative Press

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Looking at the OneCoin Wikipedia entry, it becomes clear the information is somewhat correct for a change. Authorities around the world have warned citizens about getting involved in these types of programs, due to their risky nature. Moreover, there is a dedicated section of how the company faces Ponzi Scheme allegations.

Although this page was only created in March of 2016, several edits have been made to the information available to the public. In fact, one report mentions how 108 edits were made in just two months. Most likely, these changes are proposed by OneCoin affiliates who want to rid the page of any information regarding the actual nature of this program.

Most of the proposed changes are broad revisions to the original article. A lot of the new details revolve around marketing information to make OneCoin look good, rather than the scam it is. Critical information on OneCoin especially details putting the company in a negative spotlight,

Between May 20th and today, twenty-eight total edits have been made to the Wikipedia page. Wikipedia staff has taken notice of this unusual high amount of activity. OneCoin affiliates have been officially banned from making future edits of the information, as they labeled this activity as “whitewashing”.

For the time being, there is a one-month protection status attached to the OneCoin entry on Wikipedia. This means no one can make further edits to this page, which should reduce the whitewashing attempts by quite a margin. However, the protection will expire on June 30th, and it is hard to say what will happen afterward.

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