Bitcoin’s Wikipedia Page Has “Misleading” Block Explorer Removed, Heated Debate Ensues

In the world of Bitcoin, there have always been dastardly deeds and mischievous pranks. This time around, those efforts involve Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page. Although it is a great source of information, there are some concerns over one of the block explorers listed on the page. More specifically, this block explorer is related to Bitcoin Cash, which, according to some, is the only real Bitcoin. Not everyone agrees with that sentiment, for obvious reasons.

The Bitcoin tug-of-war is far From Over

It is evident the ongoing spat between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash supporters is escalating. While Bitcoin Cash is a successful altcoin, it cannot be officially labeled as the actual Bitcoin. Political differences aside, Bitcoin is still Bitcoin, whereas Bitcoin Cash is a forked currency off of that project. That doesn’t make BCH less legitimate by any means, but calling it the “original Bitcoin” has always been controversial.

There is another development taking place as far as this discussion is concerned. Recent activity on Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page indicates an attempt to remove one of the block explorers linked to on the page. That is always a controversial decision, even though it seems to make a lot of sense. Said block explorer is associated with Bitcoin Cash, and not Bitcoin itself. This is a direct result of the “Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin” mindset, but it also creates a lot of confusion.

As such, removing this particular block explorer makes a lot of sense. Since it does not track BTC blocks, it shouldn’t be on Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page. Instead, that block explorer should be on the Bitcoin Cash page. However, it is still a somewhat controversial decision to remove such information. After all, there will always be individuals who consider this to be even more censorship on behalf of Bitcoin Core supporters.

To make matters more interesting, it seems someone is trying to get the block explorer reinstated. While this game may continue for some time to come, one has to wonder if there is even any point in playing it. Even though most people do not consider BCH to be the real Bitcoin, the currency has been more than successful in its own right. It may end up being more successful by not being the Bitcoin most people know.

Discussions like these will only drive an even bigger wedge between the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash communities. Cryptocurrency is all about collaboration and advancing our society into a new financial era, rather than personal gain. Sadly, this industry has become politically-oriented first and foremost, which is the last thing cryptocurrency needs. All of this bickering and infighting serves no real purpose in the long run.

How the Wikipedia debate will play out is anybody’s guess at this point. With the block explorer in question having been removed, it seems a lot of people are now complaining about this change. It is evident the explorer in question does not fit with the Bitcoin page directly, but the decision to remove it like this will remain a topic of heated debate. For now, it has been replaced by the Smartbit block explorer. Rest assured this is not the last we will hear on the matter.