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White Hat Hacker Saves UberCENTRAL From Exposing Uber User Information

The Uber name keeps popping up in the technology world as of late, even though not all reports are positive. The UberCENTRAL portal was vulnerable to exploits which would allow hackers to obtain names, phone numbers, and Uber user unique IDs. While no information was leaked according to the company, these flaws raise serious security questions. UberCENTRAL Vulnerabilities Patched Providing any personal information to a third party company or web …
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New Attack Against The DAO Reveals Sloppy Coding By Slock.It

Not too long ago, it appeared somebody has been draining funds from the DAO again. This is the third time such an attack took place in less than two months. More worryingly, it appears very similar attacks have been used in all three instances. Luckily, this final attack seems to be “white hat hacker probing”. Then again, they did reveal some very worrying parts about The DAO’s code, which may …
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