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WAX vs. BitShares vs. Veritaseum

Digital assets have become a lot more popular over the past 12 months. We are not talking about regular cryptocurrencies here, but rather new assets which are issued on a blockchain. Several key projects are focusing on the digital asset industry as we speak, although they all seem to offer a slightly different take on things. We have outlined the basic ideas behind three of these projects below and how each …
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Xsolla Plans to Integrate WAX Token for Online Video Game Assets Payments

UPDATE: Xsolla has retweeted news of its partnership with WAX. Virtually every day is exciting in the world of cryptocurrency as new tokens are created and existing projects gain traction. Xsolla is a well-known internet payments giant and is the primary payment processor for Twitch and other gaming-related platforms. The company will allegedly start accepting WAX tokens as payment. It’s a surprising development, considering very few people even know what this token is …
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WAX – The Future Standard of Virtual Asset Trading From the Makers of OPSkins

The booming token sales market has seen a variety of projects spring up over the past six months. However, one important category of projects remains a rare find: established companies launching token sales that are integral to the development of their products. Unsurprisingly though, true innovations usually come from industry veterans with a knack for staying ahead of the curve. The virtual asset trading market is no exception. Although the …
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