Xsolla Plans to Integrate WAX Token for Online Video Game Assets Payments

UPDATE: Xsolla has retweeted news of its partnership with WAX.

Virtually every day is exciting in the world of cryptocurrency as new tokens are created and existing projects gain traction. Xsolla is a well-known internet payments giant and is the primary payment processor for Twitch and other gaming-related platforms. The company will allegedly start accepting WAX tokens as payment. It’s a surprising development, considering very few people even know what this token is all about.

Xsolla Seemingly Embraces WAX Token

When news like this is made public, there is always a reason to be somewhat hesitant. Fake partnerships are announced around the clock when it comes to some of the more obscure cryptocurrency projects. The recent Moirai ICO announcement regarding a major partnership is a vivid reminder that a lot of information on the internet is fake, even in 2017. Whether or not the deal between xsolla and WAX is genuine remains a big question for now. After all, the WAX token is not something most people even know about at this time.

Many readers will have heard the name xsolla before. The company specializes in gaming-related payments, including those made on the popular Twitch platform. It is also a global distributor and publisher of video games. There is a lot more to this company than most people realize, which makes it all the more surprising to learn they have partnered with WAX on a new business venture.

According to the WAX blog, xsolla will enable this token as a payment method in the very near future. It will be introduced to over 400 million gamers around the world, which should result in positive exposure for this particular project. Anyone who owns WAX tokens should be able to use them to pay for in-game digital items as long as xsolla is a supported payment method. It seems unlikely this token will become an accepted payment method for Twitch, though, as the latter company is still trying to wrap its head around introducing cryptocurrencies for subscription payments on a larger scale.

It also seems the WAX token is making some inroads with the OPSkins platform. This is one of the bigger marketplaces for online video game assets today. It has been around since 2015 and was created by the same people who introduced the WAX token to the world shortly afterward. With WAX becoming a payment option on OPSkins, the ecosystem is only strengthened further. These are two major breakthroughs for one token; that much is evident.

Despite all the good news, it remains unclear why WAX is still such an unknown project. Disrupting the gaming industry with blockchain technology and digital currencies is a bold venture, and it is difficult to make a meaningful impact so quickly. Somehow, entities like xsolla have started paying attention to this token even though the rest of the world is seemingly oblivious to it. That may come to change very soon, although it is still too early to make any predictions in this regard.

There are 185 million WAX tokens in existence today, yet the currency is not tracked on CoinMarketCap.com at this point in time. That is due to the ICO still taking place right now, as the OPSkins platform appears to be more than legitimate. For now, we must wait for xsolla to officially confirm this news to make sure there is any truth to it. Assuming there is, however, it is a pretty big deal for both xsolla and WAX. The world of video gaming is undergoing some big changes as we speak.