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What Makes Entertainment Tech Worthy of Being Award Winning?

Entertainment is becoming increasingly driven by technology, with some of the largest sectors of the entertainment industry being tech-centric. While movies, television, and music are still massive sectors, the likes of digital gaming and streaming platforms have risen to the fore, with the technology that drives them continuing to develop. Even entertainment in its rawest form, sport, has embraced technology to improve traditional sports. Soccer, cricket, hockey, and football all …
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Ripple Plans to Issue XRP Grants to Video Game Developers

One has to commend any blockchain company for trying to explore new boundaries and opportunities. Although most people associate Ripple with finance, the company is trying to branch out a bit. A new $100m fund has been created to merge blockchain technology and video games. With the support of Ripple, this could turn out to be a successful venture, assuming developers show any interest in it. Ripple’s new Fund Targets …
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