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Student Receives Over 2,000 Donations For Holding Up A Sign With His Venmo Username

Getting public attention has become somewhat of a trivial matter these days. With television, internet, and other platforms allowing people to express themselves, it is not hard to have one’s fifteen minutes of fame. One youngster put up a sign with his Venmo ID during an ESPN broadcast, resulting in several thousand people sending him money. The same once happened to a person holding up a Bitcoin QR code. Venmo …
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A Bitcoin-based Payment Splitting Solution Like Venmo Could Go A Long Way

Bitcoin allows citizens of the world to achieve a multitude of things, and making payments one step easier is just the first iteration of what is possible. But to make bitcoin more convenient for the everyday user, a lot has to happen. Creating an option for users to split the bill when going out for food, or drinks, is an important step towards making Bitcoin more appealing. Also read: The …
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