Student Receives Over 2,000 Donations For Holding Up A Sign With His Venmo Username

Getting public attention has become somewhat of a trivial matter these days. With television, internet, and other platforms allowing people to express themselves, it is not hard to have one’s fifteen minutes of fame. One youngster put up a sign with his Venmo ID during an ESPN broadcast, resulting in several thousand people sending him money. The same once happened to a person holding up a Bitcoin QR code.

Venmo user Takes A Page Out of Bitcoin’s History

When dealing with televised events, there is always a large focus on the crowds. Most people bring signs or crazy outfits to the event, which makes for some good video footage when the event is having a break or a dull moment. As it turns out, holding up a sign in an attempt to receive money will attract positive attention as well.

During the recent college football weekend, one Venmo user by the name of Sam Crowder decided to come up with a lucrative concept. He created a sign with the text ’Mom send beer money” and included his Venmo address. Once the ESPN cameras picked up the sign and showed it on air, a lot of people decided to send the kid some money.

As it turns out, Crowder received over 2,000 individual transactions, which was well beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Even Venmo decided to send him US$50 as a tip, as this type of free PR is invaluable for the company. For now, it remains unclear as to how much money he received, but plenty of beer will have been bought with it.

It is not the first time this idea has been tested during college gameday. Three years ago, one student held up a sign with a Bitcoin QR code, inviting people to send him money. During that moment, he received US$24m000 worth of cryptocurrency, earning him a legendary status in the history of Bitcoin.

For some reason, people are more eager to send money to someone who promotes a service in such an unusual manner. At the same time, this goes to show there are plenty of payment options out there, and they are being used by a lot more people than originally anticipated. While Venmo is particularly successful among youngsters, it is a payment option attracting people from all strides of life.

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