USPS Experiments With Self-Driving Trucks for its Mail Delivery

When it comes to self-driving technology, there are many potential implications to keep in mind at all times. To date, the number of autonomous vehicle son the public road has remained fairly limited. In the US, there will be a real-world trial by USPS involving self-driving trucks for mail delivery. A remarkable milestone which can make the whole system a lot more efficient. USPS Bets big on Self-Driving Trucks It …
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U.S. Postal Service Unknowingly Helps Smuggle Opiates, Work Starts to Combat the Problem

New studies show that the Postal Service is unknowingly aiding the opiate epidemic going on in the United States right now. Authorities state that packages containing heroin and other opioids are being shipped right to door steps, using the mail systems. Packages that have been intercepted by the USPS have been traced back as far as China and India. “It comes from our postal system and their postal system into …
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Stampnik Sells USPS Postage In Exchange For Bitcoin

Creating normal use cases for bitcoin enthusiasts to spend digital currency in things they need can be quite difficult. Even though there is a growing number of online merchants and brick-and-mortar businesses accepting Bitcoin payments, there still isn’t that one service nearly everyone can relate to. Stampnik might be on the right track as they sell USPS postage in exchange for Bitcoin. Also read: Bitwage Unveils API and New Credit …
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