Stampnik Sells USPS Postage In Exchange For Bitcoin

Creating normal use cases for bitcoin enthusiasts to spend digital currency in things they need can be quite difficult. Even though there is a growing number of online merchants and brick-and-mortar businesses accepting Bitcoin payments, there still isn’t that one service nearly everyone can relate to. Stampnik might be on the right track as they sell USPS postage in exchange for Bitcoin.

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Stampnik Sells USPS Shipping Labels

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One thing a lot of people in the United States can relate to is the need for postage tools, such as stamps and shipping labels. is one of the more popular services in the country, which lets consumers and business purchase their stamps and shipping labels in exchange for traditional payment methods.

Stampnik will operate in nearly an identical fashion, although the service is only accepting Bitcoin payments. Moreover, there is no need for users to create an account before making their purchase, which is the right way to go when offering these services. Not that is all that annoying to sign up for a service, but convenience trumps just about everything.

All in all, the Stampnik websites looks very clean, and rather easy to navigate. Users can fill in the sender and recipient info, select the USPS service they want to use, and what type of package or envelope they will be using. Unfortunately, the service does not support international shipments by the look of things, but that feature might be added in the future.

At the bottom of the Stampnik page, there is an interesting disclaimer users should make sure to read. While this is the same message as the one found in the USPS terms of service, it’s nice to see the Stampnik owner pay attention to this detail. After all, it would be rather shameful if such a service had to shut down because someone used it for a shipment of illegal goods.

There is also the option to buy USPS postage in bulk from Stampnik, although that service is only in beta right now. Users will need to provide a CSV file with the shipment addresses of customers, and a sample file has been provided on the site. A very nice feature to add, and something a lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts might make use of in the long run.

Source: Stampnik

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