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90% of ICO Tokens Lack Use Cases Months After Their Crowdsales

There have been several dozen cryptocurrency ICOs this past summer alone. This new craze is attracting a lot of attention, although very few of these projects will ever realize their full potential. A new article on Bloomberg explains┬áthat only 20 out of 226 tokens tracked are currently being used. All the rest simply derive value from expectation and speculation. These numbers are pretty sobering, although no one should have expected …
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Financial Players Fail To Create Global Use Cases For Blockchain Technology

Depending on how much credit one wants to give to mainstream media when it comes to Bitcoin and blockchain, all institutions are steering away from cryptocurrency as of late. This seems a rather strange train of thought, considering no bank has ever embraced Bitcoin officially. Banks Never Liked Bitcoin And Never Will Very few financial institutions or platforms have ever shown a remote interest in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in general. …
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Final Taxi Cab in Marmaris Now Accepts Bitcoin

It is difficult to come up with mainstream use cases that will get consumers to look at Bitcoin with a fresh set of eyes. Despite best efforts by merchants and enthusiasts around the world, Bitcoin is still a niche payment method with very few real life use cases. that situation is slowly coming to change, though, as Final Taxi Cab in Turkey is now accepting Bitcoin payments for all rides. …
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