Final Taxi Cab in Marmaris Now Accepts Bitcoin

It is difficult to come up with mainstream use cases that will get consumers to look at Bitcoin with a fresh set of eyes. Despite best efforts by merchants and enthusiasts around the world, Bitcoin is still a niche payment method with very few real life use cases. that situation is slowly coming to change, though, as Final Taxi Cab in Turkey is now accepting Bitcoin payments for all rides.

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Final Taxi Cab Embraces Bitcoin

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It is not the first time. Bitcoin and taxi services are coming together in recent months. Not too long ago, Budapest Taxi announced they are accepting Bitcoin payments from now on, taking the competition to cash and Uber. This appears to be a market prone to disruption on the financial level, as passengers don’t want to deal with cash or card payments.

While the Bitcoin acceptance by Final Taxi Cab is limited to the resort city of Marmaris in Turkey, this is one of the busiest places as far as tourism goes in that part of the country. In fact, it is a tourist entrepreneur who came up with the idea to accept Bitcoin payments for taxi rides, as there is nothing more annoying than dealing with currency conversions to travel from point A to B.

After promoting the concept of Bitcoin to taxi drivers in the area, it didn’t take long until the word has spread to Final Taxi Cab management. Bitcoin removes any friction associated with making payments, and it is a far cheaper solution compared to traditional financial means. Plus, considering how Bitcoin is a global payment option, it makes perfect sense for a taxi company operating in a region frequented by tourists.

It will take some time to gauge whether or not this experiment will be a success for Final Taxi Cab. Plenty of people are excited about what Bitcoin and digital currency have to offer, yet very few own the currency. Until that situation changes, none of these efforts will see a major shift regarding payment methods used by customers.

That being said, the plan is to turn Marmaris into a Bitcoin paradise over the coming years. Disrupting the taxi industry is just the first step along the way of making people warm for the popular digital currency. No other efforts have been announced at the time of publication, but we will keep an eye out for more information.

Source: Bitcoin Haber

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