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US Politicians to Vote on new Crypto Regulation in Early 2020

American politicians want to regulate cryptocurrencies. The sooner this voting can take place, the better.. A global regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies will not be easy to implement. More Crypto Regulation in the US Even so, US Congress expects big things from its Cryptocurrency Act of 2020. It will undergo a round of voting in the first few weeks of 2020.  This new proposal wants to state which federal agencies can …
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3 Smaller US Banks Failed Over the Halloween Period

A worrisome banking situation arises in the United States. In a matter of seven days, three banks have failed. The latest victim is City National Bank of New Jersey located in Newark. The past few years have not been easy for traditional banks. Their costs often outweigh profits, forcing them to make tough decisions. Those who simply cannot improve or innovate will ultimately meet their demise. A Rough Patch for …
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Survey Says Americans Investing in Bitcoin Are Holding for the Long Term

People from all over the world have been investing in Bitcoin as of late. A recent survey by LendEdu polled 564 Americans on the subject. While it may be a no-brainer to most cryptocurrency users to invest in Bitcoin, the average person on the street needs a lot more convincing. The results of this survey are pretty interesting, to say the least. Americans and Bitcoin Investments It is always interesting …
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