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Deteriorating UK Economy Signals Time for Plan Bitcoin

Things are only getting worse for the United Kingdom, by the look of things. As many people expect, the Bank of England decided to cut interest rates in half, with a possibility or lowering them further if needed. Additionally, the Pound Sterling took another beating, and the economy in the UK is quickly deteriorating. If there were ever a time for plan Bitcoin in the UK, this would be it. …
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IHS Markit Refutes Claims The UK Economy Is Improving

The European Central Bank’s Mario Draghi stated yesterday how the shockwaves caused by the Brexit were “contained.” Apparently, he is the only one who is feeling that way, as new data from IHS Markit paints an entirely different picture. In fact, their research goes as far as calling the plunge a “dramatic deterioration in the economy.” UK Economy Has Slumped Beyond What Most People Anticipated Depending on whom you pose …
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Bank of England Considers Rates Cut To Thwart Recession Threat

Although it is still too early to tell, it appears as if the Bank of England will cut its rates as of tomorrow. This move should alleviate some concerns regarding a recession, as well as restore some confidence in the markets. For the time being, the BoE needs more stimulus, as the British economy would face significant repercussions otherwise. Bank of England Will Respond To Economic Developments It has not …
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