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BITPETITE Bitcoin Tumbler

Having evolved from seashells passed hand-to-hand to digits on an electronic screen, money has come a long way. Ten years ago e-currency was a curiosity – today it has become, for many, a necessity. However, anonymity remains the main difference between conventional cash and online currencies. It is a common misconception among users of cryptocurrencies that Bitcoin is anonymous. Bitcoin is actually pseudonymous, meaning that the user’s wallet number is …
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Criminals Use Bitcoin Tumbler to “Clean” $645,000 Worth of Funds Stolen Through Banking System

One undisclosed UK-based regional water supply company has lost over $645,000 due to a very sophisticated scam. It appears the criminals used a combination of an inside man, social engineering, and wire transfers to get the money out. Unfortunately, it appears most of the stolen funds were converted to Bitcoin, even though cryptocurrency does not provide additional anonymity whatsoever. Major UK Water Supply Scam Linked to Bitcoin It is always troubling …
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