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Amazon Echo a Potential Witness in a Murder Case

As our homes become smarter and smarter with IOT devices, new avenues open up to investigators when a crime occurs in a household. Webcams, cellphones, and power meters are all common devices which can collect important data that can be used by investigators when solving a crime. In an unprecedented case, Arkansas police obtained a warrant to examine any voice recordings that the Amazon Echo device could have stored during the night …
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Japanese Bank Partners with Mijin on Applying Blockchains in Bank Accounting Systems

Japan-based SBI Sumishin Net Bank has revealed a 3-month long experiment in collaboration with Dragonfly Fintech and Japanese permissioned blockchain solutions provider Mijin, which demonstrated the application of the technology in the accounting systems of financial institutions. According to the translated press release on Mijin’s blog, the experiment – which was hosted on blockchain-based  systems provided by Tech Bureau-owned Mijin – simulated an operating environment with 2.5 million bank customers …
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Silk Road Founder Convicted Through Bitcoin Analysis

While Bitcoin is most probably the cryptocurrency of the future, thanks to its wide array of benefits, it also has times when it behaves like an actual currency. With this in mind, Bitcoin recently played an important role in determining whether a crime was committed or not. Ross Ulbricht, who is one of the few people who had the possibility to run Silk Road, was recently arrested on drug trafficking charges. …
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