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Here Are Three Major Mistakes Made by New Traders

With increased public awareness of Bitcoin and altcoins, many new faces have recently entered the crypto scene for the first time. Of course, new traders will make many bad decisions, and for the most part, they will improve with time and experience. However, a number of these mistakes are common, and can easily be identified and avoided. Ignoring Market Cap Ignoring market capitalization is a pretty common issue that seems to persist almost …
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Iconomi ICO Starts Tomorrow: Blockchain Investment Fund Management Platform

Iconomi, a platform where users can easily buy and sell Ether with Euros is expanding its services and creating a fund management platform that allows users to profit from the “emerging blockchain and crowdfunding-based economic movement”. Iconomi is run by the Cashila exchange, which provides a fast and secure way to purchase Bitcoins for European customers. Iconomi’s Open Fund Management platform will allow users to attain profits by investing in hedge …
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Pressured Bankers May Resort To Fraud For Scoring Profits

Fraud is nothing new in the financial sector, as this malpractice has been around since day one. The person responsible rot eh biggest fraud in UK history has warned his crimes are “repeatable”. Bankers are still pressured into making profits regardless of the consequences, and future fraud attempts are not impossible. Not the kind of news most people are looking forward to. “Stressed” Bankers May Commit More Fraud Very Soon …
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