Iconomi ICO Starts Tomorrow: Blockchain Investment Fund Management Platform

Iconomi, a platform where users can easily buy and sell Ether with Euros is expanding its services and creating a fund management platform that allows users to profit from the “emerging blockchain and crowdfunding-based economic movement”.

Iconomi is run by the Cashila exchange, which provides a fast and secure way to purchase Bitcoins for European customers.

Iconomi’s Open Fund Management platform will allow users to attain profits by investing in hedge funds created by experienced traders, that provides full disclosure on the past and current trading performances. Investors will also have an array of trading and investment tools at their disposal.

There will be two types of investment funds: Coin Traded Funds (CTFs) and Coin Managed Funds (CMFs). CTFs will be “low-risk” investment pools that will focus on technical analysis and tools to achieve steady profits from low volatile crypto assets, while CMFs will focus on emerging technologies and ICOs, making them a “riskier investment”.

In order to create this platform, Iconomi will host an ICO in which 85% of the total ICN token supply will be sold to users, who will then have the ability to vote on platform developments or changes. These tokens are built on the Ethereum Network, and they allow investors to receive dividends from the fees collected in the Iconomi Platform through a smart contract system.

The Iconomi Initial Coin Offering will start tomorrow (25th of August at 08.00 UTC) and it will last for 36 days, during this period Iconomi plans to hit the 2000 Bitcoin mark, which if not reached will result in the cancellation of the ICO and return of full investments to all users. Iconomi plans to use the funds gathered to develop and market their platform.

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