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Top Reasons Businesses are Adopting GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

GPS monitoring of transportation is a comprehensive, multi-functional system for management of vehicle logistics. GPS vehicle system monitoring tackles logistics with both simple and complex solutions. The GPS monitoring of vehicles allows you to have a wealth of information online for both individual vehicles and groups of vehicles. There is a great variety of vehicle tracking and monitoring software of different developers on the market. We suggest you look into uboro.io. Uboro will help you to …
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Millions of Mobile Devices are Vulnerable to Tracking due to MAC Randomization Weaknesses

Most consumers are well aware of how governments and service provider can track their actions and location while using a mobile device. It turns out this type of “attack” is only facilitated by MAC randomization. Through this process, mobile devices should be protected from being tracked, but it appears the implementation of this technique has the opposite effect these days. MAC Randomization Exposes User Information When a mobile device – …
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The FBI’s New Privacy Invasion Plan Involves Tattoo Tracking

The FBI has no plans to halt their efforts in trying to break consumer privacy down brick by brick. A new proposal would let the law enforcement agency track tattoos by compiling a database of images. Doing so would let the agency develop recognition algorithms. The FBI Tattoo Tracking Trials Tattoos are becoming more popular than ever before, as people want to express themselves in a creative way. At the …
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