Top Reasons Businesses are Adopting GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

GPS monitoring of transportation is a comprehensive, multi-functional system for management of vehicle logistics. GPS vehicle system monitoring tackles logistics with both simple and complex solutions. The GPS monitoring of vehicles allows you to have a wealth of information online for both individual vehicles and groups of vehicles.

There is a great variety of vehicle tracking and monitoring software of different developers on the market. We suggest you look into Uboro will help you to run the logistics of your business without any trouble. It will cut down on extra spending on fuel, drivers, and many other common concerns. Implementation of a GPS vehicle monitoring system -like Uboro- will improve dispatching and logistics.

Monitoring Logistics in Real Time

With Uboro, you can monitor all vehicle information: its location on a map, movements, time of the last contact, current speed and attached sensors. Updates on vehicle information are provided ever 2-5 seconds via satillite.

Vehicles on the map are presented as symbols (or icons), which reflect the stats about the vehicle. This makes visualizing your fleet much easier. It is possible to display name of vehicle, direction of motion, and the trajectory.


Uboro’s GPS tracking system for cars allows you to see the movement of the vehicle or group of vehicles for any period of time. Historical GPS tracking allows you to monitor and analyze the movements of your vehicles over time.


You can instantly get information about speeding, entering or exiting geofences, and alarm buttons. If any of these conditions are triggered you receive a notification, a SMS-message, or an e-mail.


Uboro’s GPS tracking and monitoring system uses the concept of “geofences.” It is a specific area on the map. Geofences can be a database of parking vehicles, points of delivery, location of clients, places of work, and gas stations. There is the possibility of placing an unlimited number of geofences that can be a circle, a polygon, or any shape you choose.

This monitors the entrance and exit of the vehicle from geofence. You can receive notification of these kinds of movements to be sure that your drivers and vehicles are operating in a safe and productive manner.