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Poloniex Makes Some Interesting Changes to Its Terms and Conditions

Whenever a cryptocurrency exchange changes its terms of service suddenly, there is plenty of reason for concern. This is especially true when that exchange is Poloniex, a platform seemingly plagued by problems, insolvency rumors, and DDoS attacks. According to its new terms, some interesting changes are now in effect. Those changes already have some users up in arms. Poloniex Updates Its Terms and Conditions Without Warning The change to Poloniex’s terms and conditions was unusual in its …
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Vultr Disables Bitcoin Payments For New Customers

Vultr is one of the more prominent cloud hosting companies accepting Bitcoin payments. Or that used to be the case, anyway, as it turns out there have been a lot of ToS violations by Bitcoin users, prompting the company to halt digital currency payments for the time being. Also read: Viet Film Fest Included Bitcoin Heist After-party No More Bitcoin Payments For Vultr Customers There is a good reason why Bitcoin …
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