Vultr Disables Bitcoin Payments For New Customers

Vultr is one of the more prominent cloud hosting companies accepting Bitcoin payments. Or that used to be the case, anyway, as it turns out there have been a lot of ToS violations by Bitcoin users, prompting the company to halt digital currency payments for the time being.

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No More Bitcoin Payments For Vultr Customers

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There is a good reason why Bitcoin enthusiasts can’t always have nice things, and violating the Terms of Service by Vultr is one of those reasons. Although the customer service team has revealed no specific details, it is not hard to picture what some people might be using these services for.

One Reddit user even suggested how it is very well possible somebody used Vultr to host a darknet market running on hidden services. Installing these services on Vultr hosting is against the company’s terms of service, and will lead to account termination. But there might be more to this story than meets the eye at first glance.

The email sent out by Vultr support mentions how the company has noticed a “significant portion of ToS violators paying with Bitcoin.” Using this payment method provides customers with an additional layer of privacy, which makes it even harder for the hosting company to identify individual culprits.

As a result, Vultr has currently suspended all Bitcoin payments for their service, which is a rather harsh decision. However, it makes sense in a way for the company to rethink their strategy regarding Bitcoin payments, albeit other payment solutions could be used to violate Terms of Service as well. There is no word if or when Bitcoin payments will ever be possible in the future.

Many people associate Bitcoin with anonymous payments, although nothing could be further from the truth. However, Vultr has seen great success with the digital currency, and also a lot of headaches. New subscribers will now have to use a more traditional payment method – such as a credit card – before they are given access to Bitcoin payments in the future.

Source: Reddit

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