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Bitcoin Tipping Website Taringa Suffers Major Data Breach

Any website related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is often a big target for hackers. Although properly secured platforms are protected from major incidents, a successful hack will occur every now and then. Taringa, a Latin American site known for its positive stance toward Bitcoin, was compromised a few days ago. Login details of nearly all its 28 million users were compromised in the process. Happily, it does not appear any Bitcoin funds were stolen. …
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ChangeTip Withdrawal Bug Lets Users Flood Account With ChangeCoin Balances

ChangeTip users may be affected by a very strange bug that updates their account balance to rather high amounts, even though they have never received those Bitcoin tips. It remains unclear as to whether or not this funds can be effectively withdrawn, but it looks like there is a bug that allows users to manipulate their balances. Also read: EA Games Subscription Service Origin: Access Can Benefit From Bitcoin Payments …
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Changetip Unveils Its Support For FaceBook As Tipping Platform

Changetip has recently unveiled it will be supporting FaceBook as a tipping platform. Now that Changetip has nearly completed dominating all of the major social platforms growth for this small but very innovative company is expected to rocket. Taking the simple idea of tipping a user for a good comment or post, the company has integrated cryptocurrencies for a completely unique spin. “We want people to be creative on ChangeTip,” …
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