ChangeTip Withdrawal Bug Lets Users Flood Account With ChangeCoin Balances

ChangeTip users may be affected by a very strange bug that updates their account balance to rather high amounts, even though they have never received those Bitcoin tips. It remains unclear as to whether or not this funds can be effectively withdrawn, but it looks like there is a bug that allows users to manipulate their balances.

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Flooding ChangeTip Account With Balances


Even though the specifics of this bug remain unknown at this time, one Reddit user pointed out how he managed to bug the platform’s withdrawal system. As a result of that action, his ChangeTip account has been credited with various amounts of ChangeCoin, in excess of US$50 per transaction.

For those who are unaware of what ChangeCoin is, this is a microtransaction payment structure designed for Internet usage. Keeping in mind how fast the Internet is growing in this day and age, disruption in the payment industry is bound to happen sooner or later. ChangeCoin lets users tip on Quora, donate to content creators, and see blogs ad-free for thirty days.

It goes without saying that ChangeCoin is an interesting take on things, and it looks like the withdrawal bug is affecting this particular project. Apparently there is a possibility of tracking the system into thinking a user has received multiple ChangeCoin payments over time, even though this might not be the case.

Judging by the screenshot provided on Reddit, there are two particular balances returning every now and then. These ChangeCoin payments, for US$63.77 and US$59.05 respectively, return several times on the balance sheet for some unknown reason. As this funds is directly credited to one’s balance, it is very likely users can cash out the funds if they wanted to.

While it is positive to see people report bugs on any project in the Bitcoin ecosystem, it is unclear as to whether the user has contacted ChangeTip regarding this issue or not. One of their representatives will pick up the article either on Reddit or on this website, though, which will hopefully lead to a swift resolution for the ChangeCoin project.

ChangeTip has become one of the fastest growing online tipping platforms in the world as of late. Not only can users contribute by sending a tip in Bitcoin, but they can also use more traditional payment methods thanks to the ChangeTip Wallet system. Users can top up their balance in US Dollar, by using their credit card.

Source: Reddit

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