Changetip Unveils Its Support For FaceBook As Tipping Platform

Changetip has recently unveiled it will be supporting FaceBook as a tipping platform.

Now that Changetip has nearly completed dominating all of the major social platforms growth for this small but very innovative company is expected to rocket. Taking the simple idea of tipping a user for a good comment or post, the company has integrated cryptocurrencies for a completely unique spin.

“We want people to be creative on ChangeTip,” Held said.


ChangeTip & FaceBook

Facebook may still maintain the crown of the biggest social network on the planet but cryptocurrencies are here to stay. ChangeTip has moved from strength to strength in terms of development and integration as it has become synonymous with reddit and Twitter Users on a global scale. The ease pioneered by the service has allowed thousands of users to easily tip users using cryptocurrencies, which they may not have even heard of before. As quoted below the integration into facebook will allow Bitcoin to be broadcast on a unseen scale.


“With over 1 billion users, enabling this on Facebook opens up a unique way to bring new people into bitcoin.”

Youtube and other major platforms have already been hit and with the service developing and moving who knows what will occur next. The Facebook tipping process has been simplified to allow users to easily tip each other by connecting their ChangeTip accounts with their Facebook accounts. Tips will then be seen posted on walls allowing users to accept and reply to them. It is anticipated this new way of tipping will encourage hundreds of thousands of Facebook users to develop their knowledge of the cryptocurrency and have fun whilst doing it.

“Facebook is the biggest social media network, so it was a top priority for us,” said Held.

Make sure you attend the Bitcoin conference in Miami today as the ChangeTip team have formally announced it will be attending the event. New features and a new roadmap for the ever expanding service. Who knows may be it will announce its integration into a new social network like VK. There are also a variety of other companies showcasing their new products and technologies to the general public making the conference one to watch.

Tipping with the use of cryptocurrencies has seen a huge rise as the process has become popular pioneered by the ChangeTip campaign. The Coinbase service, which allows users to buy and store Bitcoin, has also developed a tipping tool similar to the one of ChangeTip. DogeTip has also made huge improvements in its service which allows users to tip each other with the cryptocoin known formally as DogeCoin.

To conclude this integration of the crypto tipping service into one of the largest social networks in the world will expose millions of users to the world of crypto. In terms of popularity people may wake to see a Bitcoin tip left on their profile. Going to accept it they will unknowingly make themselves part of the future and the rest is history.

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