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What are Coin Traded Funds?

Cryptocurrency fever is gaining momentum. Many are waiting for continued growth, but some are confident that cryptocurrencies are in a bubble that will burst along with the entire blockchain market. Understanding these kinds of behaviors are imperative to for traders who do not want to lose all of their money. In traditional trading, investors balance risk with hedge funds. In the crypto-world, the role of such funds is played by CTF (Coin Traded Funds). …
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The Token Fund TKNs are on the Rise

The Token Fund is a cryptocurrency mutual fund where investors who do not know too much about the inner workings of the cryptocurrency markets can invest in many different digital assets all at once. Now there is obviously risk involved with every kind of investment, but for the same reasons that many traditional investors look to hedge and mutual funds, cryptocurrency investors may look to invest in digital mutual funds …
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The Token Fund – Enter the Digital Mutual Fund

Current trends in the digital assets market suggest good times to come for those holding onto cryptos as digital wealth. However, the question still persists: how can traders increase income and profits? Traditional markets may look to a hedge fund or similar service. Few may know that the Crypto market has something similar. What is The Token Fund? The Token Fund is akin to a traditional market mutual, index, or …
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