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Tezos Price Shoots up yet Fails to Remain Ahead of ZCash

In the world of cryptocurrency, tokens, and assets are in a bit of a funny state right now. With Bitcoin still on what appears to be wobbly legs, it seems things will not necessarily pop off in a significant manner. The Tezos price, on the other hand, is making quite a few inroads as of right now. Its weak trading volume is a bit of a problem when it comes …
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Tezos Price Tries to Turn Bullish Despite Bleak Trading Volume

There are some interesting trends shaping up in the cryptocurrency world right now. Even though there is a good chance some markets will continue to dwindle over the coming days, others are trying to move up in quick succession. In the case of the Tezos price, the current momentum is pretty strong. This comes as a big┬ásurprise, considering this market looked rather weak just a few days ago. Tezos Price …
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