Close to 77% Of Payment Terminals Will Be NFC-Ready By 2020

Mobile and contactless payments are slowly becoming the new norm all over the world. Unfortunately, not every point of sale…

5 years ago

34 Bytes Integrates LocalBitcoins Support Into Their Point-of-sale Terminals

Merchants who venture into the Bitcoin world are always looking for more ways to support additional customers. However, they also…

5 years ago

Visa Streamlines EMV Onboarding Process For Retailers

It is partially up to credit card issuers to bring fraud rates to an end. Visa wants to address the…

5 years ago

Coinkite POS Terminals Will Become Useless On April 27th

Some more details have been unveiled to us regarding the recent decision by Coinbase to halt support for their software…

6 years ago

34 Bytes Announces New Bitcoin Point of Sale Payment Terminal

It is always positive to see more companies exploring the world of Bitcoin and digital currency. Especially if those companies…

6 years ago

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