34 Bytes Announces New Bitcoin Point of Sale Payment Terminal

It is always positive to see more companies exploring the world of Bitcoin and digital currency. Especially if those companies provide a way to make Bitcoin transactions more appealing to both merchants and consumers. 34 Bytes will start their storefront merchant beta testing of a new point of sale terminal shortly, which will help boost Bitcoin adoption all over the world.

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The 34 Bytes Bitcoin Point of Sale Terminal

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The design of this new Bitcoin point of sale payment terminal by 34 Bytes looks a lot like the Coinkite offering, which should make it easy for retailers and their staff to get acquainted with the device. Such a terminal removes the need for a smartphone or tablet to accept Bitcoin payments, something which a lot of businesses will see as a big plus.

Paying with Bitcoin by using the 34 Bytes point of sale terminal works the same as any other form of payment: by scanning a QR code generated on the screen. This QR code can even be printed out in case the smartphone or tablet camera would not recognize the code on the screen correctly. Additionally, this printed QR code will serve as additional payment proof of completing the transaction.

What makes Bitcoin point of sale terminals so appealing is how they will ship with built-in WiFi capabilities. No longer will retailers have to rely on wired connections for accepting payments. But there is more to this product, as 34 Bytes will never act as a wallet service, and they will never touch funds changing hands. Instead, Coinbase integration will be available on day one, or retailers can set up their own Bitcoin wallet address.

Some people may have heard of 34 Bytes, LLC, by now, but the Bitcoin startup is a relatively unknown player in the point of sale business right now. Keeping in mind how the company is located in Los Angeles, California, all signs indicate their beta trial will be held somewhere close to this area.

While this beta testing of the 34 Bytes Bitcoin point of sale terminal still has to begin, the company has already announced future improvements for their devices. The plan is to allow users to configure the on-screen menus to their liking, as well as integrate with third party POS hardware and software solutions.

At the time of publication, there was no official information released regarding the fees associated with using the 34 Bytes Bitcoin payment terminal. Additionally, support for mobile internet connectivity through a SIM card would have been a great feature as well, but it is not a deal breaker not to have it available yet.


Source: 34 Bytes

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