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TeamViewer Investigation Points To Reused Login Credentials From Hacked Websites

Some people may remember the TeamViewer hack, which affected several thousand users. Some people even complained about money being stolen from their PayPal account in the process. As it turns out, most of the affected users are to blame for this debacle, as they reused passwords. TeamViewer Still Denies Allegations Reusing a password in this day and age is asking for trouble, unfortunately. The TeamViewer hack got a lot of …
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TeamViewer Acknowledges Breach And Adds More Security Features

After the recent Teamviewer debacle, the company decided to implement two new security features to address most of the concerns. This Change should prevent account abuse, although some of affected victims will not share that feeling by any means. Teamviewer Security Changes Come After The Facts There has been a lot of commotion over the past 48 hours regarding the breach of TeamViewer accounts. A lot of users reported their …
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Teamviewer Censors News Outlets Reporting On Breach And Stolen Funds

The big technology news of the past 24 hours is about how all TeamViewer users have been affected by a data breach. The company has advised all users to change their passwords as soon as possible, yet a lot of users are experiencing issues in doing so. Moreover, there are claims regarding the company threatening media publications to change the story or face legal action. TeamViewer Wants The World To …
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