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Russia Prepares for Large-Scale Bitcoin Mining Operation Following Minery Launch

With digital currency gaining in popularity worldwide, additional mining operations and farms have started to appear despite looming bans on the practice. Understanding The Ban While many see bans on crypto mining as a hindrance to entrepreneurship and the crypto space, in actuality, it’s an effort to protect and enhance cities, states, and countries’ natural, historic, cultural, and electrical resources. Back in March, a moratorium was enacted in Plattsburgh, New York, the first …
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On a ‘Mining’ Mission to Destroy: What You Need to Know

The Hack Heard ‘Round The Net “I’m fairly knowledgeable in blockchain and have a lot of exposure in the space,” says Michael Fauscette, the chief research officer at G2 Crowd, a platform and community where people connect and share experiences about business software. Having spent over ten years as an executive and senior analyst at tech market research firm IDC, Fauscette, like countless others around the world, is no stranger …
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Bitcoin Mining Malware Education – WindowsTime

It has been a while since a new type of bitcoin mining malware has surfaced. Unfortunately, it appears criminals are exploring this option once again. The WindowsTime.exe bitcoin miner is a Trojan Horse utilizing computer resources to mine bitcoin on behalf of the assailant. Given bitcoin’s recent price increase, it was only to be expected malicious bitcoin miner software would surface once again. The WindowsTime Trojan Is Nasty Business As …
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