Remote Mining – Dealing with Security Issues

Whatever the reason, many of us often leave our PCs on even when we are not at home. For regular users, the reason might be a big download or a render of a large file. On the other hand, for a miner, it is logical that you need your rigs working as much as possible without any interruptions. In case something happens with the machine and you are present, you’ll be able to continue with your work easily. However, if you are away, things become a bit troublesome. That is why there are so many remote access methods out there, suiting everyone’s needs.

As it happens, this really awesome piece of software doesn’t come without its drawbacks.

How it’s done?

For those not familiar with this kind of thing, because even today we see many people wondering “is there a way to remotely access my rig and recover it in case of a bug/freeze/crash/power failure?” Yes, in fact, remote access software will allow you to control the machine as if you were there. For Windows operating systems there are ready-made free solutions like TeamViewer, LogMeIn or Chrome Remote Desktop with easy-to-use GUIs and simple setup. Others (read: Linux) must rely on programs like TeamViewer and Chrome Remote Desktop (again), TigerVCN, Remmina or Vinagre – the list is quite large, but these are more than good.

Whichever you opt for, the principle is the same: You have a computer you want to take control of remotely and a computer which you’ll use to access it. The trick is to setup a remote desktop server on the remote machine – any of the programs will do it by default. Depending on the tasks you need to execute remotely, your internet connection will require a bandwidth high enough to support bigger data transfers. That is why you should measure the speed and quality of your connection with any of the internet speed tests.

Mining from away

gpu mining

As for the miners, well, these solutions are a great way for every miner who might find themselves AFK at the moment an issue with the rig(s) occur. You can access your rig regardless of your location, even from a mobile device, and resolve the hiccup in no time. That is if you haven’t created a script that can restart your miner to ensure that it’s operating constantly. Also, most modern motherboards have options that enable PCs to fire up after a power failure. Bare in mind that with the newer Windows OS versions (8, 8.1 and 10) you have to disable login screen and boot directly into desktop.


Now, as good and simple these instant solutions may sound, the doors they open might stay open for other, malicious users as well. Being that they function on a predefined set of rules, they could wreak havoc on everything you have. For example, a hacker might seize control of your rig(s) and implement their own Bitcoin Miner Trojan (if your rigs run on Windows), thus utilizing your hardware to their advantage. Worst case scenario, someone takes control of the PC you hold your wallet on and installs CryptoLocker, or, God forbid, gets a hold of your private key and wipes you clean. Not a happy thought!

steal password

Good password is the best gatekeeper

Though the last few lines seem gloomy, most of these software will give you secure connections against most attacks, if you use it the right way of course. The thing is that you as a user could be the biggest flaw. Recent events with teamviewer hackings have revealed that thousands of app’s users have had their computers breached and PayPal accounts compromised, leaving them with bitter taste in their mouths. This reddit thread has many of those users coming out about their experiences. As it happened, the most likely culprit behind it were the users themselves. Reports are saying that the misuse of credentials and password combinations may have led to their accounts being taken. LinkedIn and MySpace hacks have exposed over half a million users’ credentials out in the open. If you fear for your online safety, you can check here for any of your accounts that might be impacted by the hacks that happened.

Final piece of advice

In the end, what’s left to be said is that because many problems come with using these programs, it’s important to remember that you as a user are the best firewall, antivirus or antimalware! If you aren’t savvy enough or don’t use Linux to utilize SSH for remote access but have to rely on these programs, ensure that you have followed every recommendation for setting up a secure connection and a proper password combination before it’s too late!

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