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Symantec Aims To Make Identity Theft Prevention Technology Accessible To Norton Users

Symantec is one of the most prominent security firms in the world of technology today. Even great companies need to look towards the future and devise new strategies to remain ahead of their competitors. Symantec Corp plans to acquire identity theft protection service provider LifeLock Inc for the price of US$2.3bn. Interestingly enough, that entire price would be paid in cash. A Big And Bold Move By Symantec Norton software …
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Bitcoin Ransomware Education – CryptoDefense

The Bitcoin ransomware family is a lot larger than most people anticipated. While there are a ton of different variants based on some of the more modern strains, every version of ransomware has its own traits that need to be highlighted. CryptoDefense is a different version of CryptoLocker, and it made the “developers” quite a lot of money in 2014. Also read: Bitcoin Ransomware Education – TeslaCrypt CryptoDefense Hackers Reign …
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