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Twitter Suspends @Bitcoin Once Again

It is no secret that Twitter has taken a rather aggressive stance toward cryptocurrency. With the platform banning all advertisements associated with cryptocurrency and ICOs, things are not headed in the right direction. It seems the “official” @Bitcoin account has also been banned, although no one knows why that is the case. Another Twitter Plot Twist It has become apparent that interesting things tend to happen in the cryptocurrency world, though not …
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Italy Bans Onecoin Over Fraud Investigations

The so-called cryptocurrency has been previously regarded as a scam, but this time, the fraud allegation reached institutional ears: the government of Italy has decided to ban the asset, which has been linked multiple times with a multilevel-Ponzi scheme. The Italian authorities argue that the service provided by the company behind the ‘cryptocurrency’ doesn’t deliver what it promises to its customers. Since several months ago, the number of people and websites …
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