Twitter Suspends @Bitcoin Once Again

It is no secret that Twitter has taken a rather aggressive stance toward cryptocurrency. With the platform banning all advertisements associated with cryptocurrency and ICOs, things are not headed in the right direction. It seems the “official” @Bitcoin account has also been banned, although no one knows why that is the case.

Another Twitter Plot Twist

It has become apparent that interesting things tend to happen in the cryptocurrency world, though not always for the right reasons. In the case of the @Bitcoin Twitter account, it seems Twitter has deliberately suspended this account due to “violation of the Twitter rules”. That is a very vague statement which raises a lot of questions, and also leads to a ton of speculation as to what is going on exactly.

One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of people have reported the @Bitcoin account over the past few months. This mainly had to do with the content being shared by the @Bitcoin account, which tended to favor Bitcoin Cash over the real Bitcoin. Claiming BCH to be the real BTC is something that causes a fair amount of friction, and it is not uncommon for people to take matters into their own hands by reporting this spreading of misinformation.

While it remains unclear what made Twitter make this particular decision, this account suspension can also be seen as a form of censorship. Although the social media giant has to prevent people from scamming others and spreading misinformation, it is not necessarily proven that the @Bitcoin account ever did something nefarious along these lines. As such, it may not have violated the terms of service, although it remains to be seen how things will play out in this regard.

The big unknown is how aggressive Twitter will get when it comes to cryptocurrency-related content in general. If people can’t even discuss this topic on social media anymore without the risk of getting banned, it is evident things have taken a massive turn for the worse. Rest assured this is not the last we’ll hear about this particular development, although an official explanation would certainly be appreciated at this stage.

Interestingly enough, it is also not the first time the @Bitcoin account has been suspended from Twitter. This has happened at least once before, although the account was reinstated pretty quickly. Whether or not that will be the case this time around is anybody’s guess. 

It is evident that issues like these will divide the Bitcoin community even further. We are already dealing with two camps, those who favor BTC and those who prefer BCH. Events like these will only widen the gap between the two groups, which doesn’t benefit anyone in the long run. It’s a very unfortunate turn of events, although it is doubtful things will improve from here on out.